Kilombero Valley Ornithological Center is a local community-based organisation focused on the conservation of birds and wildlife in the Kilombero Valley of southern Tanzania.  Its mission is to have a sustainable and lasting impact on local attitudes towards conservation and the environment and to work towards the protection of endemic, threatened and near-threatened wildlife species of the valley. KVOC carries out wildlife surveys and community projects.  The education and outreach programs, includes increasing conservation awareness and engaging with communities in discussions regarding wildlife protection; working with schools and the wider village communities. The Centre also works with village leaders to help them develop land management strategies.


Center wishes to significantly reduce and reverse the rate of loss of the region’s biodiversity. Our efforts to achieve this focus on conservation action for priority species, and priority habitats for bird and biodiversity conservation.  We also work to empower local people to analyze threats and develop safeguard options that suit local socio-economic contexts and use existing indigenous knowledge.


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